2008! with her=p

Happy New Year....this year was a zooom so fast 2008 already huh?

Can't really sleep....and it was a late post la....was quite happening before the countdown, Shuyi, Charlie, Yonghui, Wanyi, Tanglin, Tiffany and me ate at cafe catel in marina square, after that at 7 they plan to KkKkbox haha...was hellish zomfg expensive...guess how much was it?....$46/ea!
Anyway we really enjoyed the concert(self proclaimed) by Shuyi & Wanyi....all went high really high..even calling a few of the staff there to sing ....but i think they were too shy or busy la aiya bad service =X yup and before 12....we decided to try and have a good view of the fireworks that is about to blast into the skies^^ and so at marina square spaggs outlet. Steven haaaaha....he allowed us in well...very kind of him. So it was like 15 mins before the blast....the others hurried out to the other side of the exit despite the freakish crowd lol...stayed with Shuyi cos she didn't like the crowd laaa and the fireworks laaaa. But guess wad....she can't resist! asked me to go into the crowds with her to find the others. yea and in the end we can't find them after oozing through for awhile. Fireworks started! was with her watching the beautiful sparks hehe....feels good=D. Yeap and we went back in the outlet waiting for the crowd to clear off...chill off a little after Tanglin and Tiffany went off early...stupid Steven and his drinking games-.- felt alittle tupsy turvy haha...waved for a cab and dropped her off at her friend's house and went back home....

It was a fun and memorable day for me

5 PLuS oMG work tml stilll! Sleepzzz bye~

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The Bang! card game is one of the best realisations of a theme that we have played. It's a game which begs the players to gasp and moan, snarl in a cowboy drawl, and make silly shooting noises at each other. As you might imagine, Bang is not a very serious game. If your game group is like ours, you'll be laughing and hamming it up all the way through.
In the wild west, the sheriff and deputies face off against the outlaws. And the renegade tries to survive the crossfire. You'll be shooting and dodging, trying to survive the hail of bullets. And with just 30 minutes to a game, Bang keeps everyone interested and involved. Even the ones who bite the dust!

The Roles

Sheriff Deputy Renegade Outlaws

Sheriff - Eliminate the Renegade and Outlaws to maintain law and order
Deputy - Protect the Sheriff and share the same goal
Renegade - He wants to be the new Sheriff, his goal is to be last character in play
Outlaws - He would kill the Sheriff, but they can also kill each other for rewards

This is uhmmm like the main intro of this BANG! card game....didn't believe it would be so fun.

Finished work at around 11pm from orchard all the way to Milson's house. Didn't even shower ><

There are a total of 31 character cards*i think*

Apache Kid (3 life points): he is unaffected by cards from the suit of Diamonds played by the other players. During a Duel, his ability does not work.

One of my Favs^^

it's so time killing until we BANG! through the whole night lols...
tired off to sleep zzzzzzzz

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HahA good good....this is the day we've been waiting for althought i posted it late...well anyway

9th DEC @ Fish & CO

Presenting Milson & Daryl

I know i have no excuse to say this but...sorry i 4GOT TO TAKE A PIC WITH U! and xia too lolz..

He can't eat raw foods ya...only ate much of the fries and rice..v sad....that's why he is


Kinda like it huh?

that send us packing.....went to the uh KING's Furniture store to buy a cupboard for Milson himself....and an office chair for myself...Thanks Daryl for lifting us all around town and bishan
well that's all for today it's fun^^

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New sch? New life???

Got in Dover Higher Nitec...Defered my NS like after 2 years? The good thing...saw some past friends....like a reunion or something, even 5-6 AMK teachers got transfered here @@. Defenitely can't really tell how long some kind of people live in this world, can't judge a person by the cover ya?

Is like....a long trip la.....take 963 from Woodlands Int like 45mins++ to the institute itself...
or the other way, from Woodlands to Jurong East then switch to BoonLay greenish line to Dover...THEN still need to take Bus no.74. 1 trip down....like $2-3 fly~~~ and still haven got my Student Ez-link yet-.-

Oh ya and.........only need to study like 1 1/2 years because 3 modules got exempted^^
Then is like 1st week got da stupiak orientation...class is totally messed up....my name appeared X2 on the list LMAO? and now the exemption thingy got up....change class again=/. We have like 4 progression classes and out of each class only like 7-8 students got chosen for that...AM I LUCKY?

LaiLai,Ivan, Jason...wearing grandmother socks...LOL in the institute...Noraa & Netentnenetnnet zai went NS lol....both of them were like praying for their final depature with us the day b4 they went in... 2 down....for 2 years =( *86* Noraa & *86* netnente zai.

I think that's all for now......Ciaoz ('''\ (;,,,,;) /''')

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Steamboat @ Marina

This is on 29th ..posted late XD

LOL...we started at around 6pm, only the 3 of us.
And there was 1 time....i wanted to ask for the change of the aluminium foil...instead-.- i asked a customer that looked like a staff there LOL. so paiseh sia... I love beef and pork so i just hang around with those 2....Florence ate alot of chicken
slices..and Zoey, u ate more veggies then meat-.-

Oh and this yummy Egg+soya sauce which someone taught me b4...although it looks "yuck" but it taste better then it looks..=D~~~

b4 we knew....it's 9pm. We wipe our asses and went back home^^ Hope to eat with both of u again=)

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Courses In My Course

Core & Employability

Electrical Communications principals skills

Electronic Interpersonal devices skills

Analogue Personal Basic mechanical electronics , effectiveness

EngineeringDigital Group effectiveness

Thinking skills electronics

Industrial Information Sports & electronics, technology wellness

Circuit Sports & fabrication , wellness Communication systems

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Hope this lasts.....

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Haha.......this picture was taken in malaysia. 10 of us....from the top left...
Daryl --- Cheeyang --- Yongjian

Milson --- ME

Aikseah --- Weiliang"disfigured" --- Terence

Kelvin --- Daniel
We visited Terence...almost once a year...really miss him quite alot. We are still keeping in touch with him and I also really hope that he can come back to Singapore once again to visit us.

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D.O.B - 14-7-1988
Height - 174cm
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Email - acdohl_bolandy@hotmail.com
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Work - Paragon Spageddies Italian Kitchen
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Description - Peeps call me Andy, a teenage boy who loves to do new/fresh things, know new people and hates staying at one spot all the time. Basically, i'm quite an active person. May be clumsy at times ><. Wierd things about me...love to eat fishes but hate fish cakes. Appearance wise....i have tweaky mickey ears that someone named it for me and my memory fails to rememeber who.



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You can be cruel, grasping, weak, possessive, domineering, timid, lazy and tend toward brooding and cynicism.


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